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OSL's Experience


In the year 2001, OSL designed and successfully piloted its decentralized National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) concept and design. Its rural and urban variants were successfully piloted in the Ejisu Juaben District and Kpeshie Sub-metro respectively in 2001 to the end of 2003. The pilot provided key technical inputs to support the formulation of the NHIS policy, the legal framework (ACT 650) and its legislative Instrument (LI 1809). OSL subsequently technically supported the set-up and operations of 63 districts mutual schemes in Ghana.

OSL’s scheme model included systems that controlled fraud and abuse in NHIS membership registration and health facility claims management. Notable in our implementation, was the innovative Health Facility Attendance Card (HFAC) to control frivolous use of healthcare services under the NHIS by insured patients. This tool was so effective that other technical groups operating in other districts adopted it to facilitate the sustainability of their supported schemes.

Also, our community address-based household membership registration was key in preventing persons below 18 years beyond the borders of Ghana to register to access free healthcare under the NHIS.